Sale Of  Pre-owned Watches & Used Branded Jewellery At HJ Luxury

Preowned precious timepieces and used jewellery are available for sale at HJ Luxury. We have the expertise to refurbish used precious timepieces and preowned jewellery to restore these items close to their original states. With the naked eye, it is near impossible to tell that these are preowned items. We take pride in bringing only the best to our customers. We have a wide  range of items displayed in our showcase ranging from precious timepieces in mint condition such as Rolex, Frank Muller, Patek Phillipe, Omega, Tag Heuer and Cartier etc....



As there are many imitation precious timepieces and gold jewellery in the market these days, a consumer should be cautious when purchasing a preowned timepiece from an unknown source. At HJ Luxury we have professionals specialize in precious timepieces and are able to provide advice on how to differentiate a genuine timepiece from an imitation one.

* Rolex Complete Overhaul Servicing at $350 to $450 / Standard Servicing.

* Rolex Complete Overhaul Servicing  For Daytona Models  @ $450 to $550 / Standard Servicing.

* Polishing Of  Rolex Watches  @ $100 to $160,  AP Royal Oak Offshore polishing @ $380 to $450.

* Replacement  Of Watch Battery @ $20 to $30. 

HJ Luxury offers some of the best after sales service in Singapore for swiss luxury watches. Our master technicians have years of experience in the industry and have worked at some of the largest watch company in the Singapore including the Rolex Company. All the servicing are done using the proper Rolex tools, Rolex testing equipments and "Genuine Rolex Parts". Our complete overhaul service will let you have the feeling of having back a new timepiece within approximately one week. 

Step 1 - Dismantle of timepiece and movement, every part of the movement is ultrasonically cleaned and inspected for any signs of excessive wear and tear.

Step 2All moving parts will then be lubricated to ensure that critical parts of the movement will last to their full expected life. Replace the necessary parts that are worn out.

Step 3 - The timepiece case and bracelet will be completely polished to remove all the scratches, we will try our best to restore it's condition back to it's original factory finishing.

Stept 4 - The timepiece will then be tested for it's timing accuracy in 5 positions over a period of 48 hours. Any timing adjustment will be carried out accordingly.

Step 5 - The timepiece will  finally be tested for water resistance with new gaskets and seals being replaced to assure that your timepiece meets the Rolex factory specs.

*All timepieces will be given a full one year warranty covering manufacturing defects of movement from HJ Luxury.

* In the case that the timepiece requires more parts to be changed due to excessive wear and tear, customers will be informed of the additional charges.

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