About Us

HJ Luxury -  our forte lies in evaluating used Rolex watches, branded timepieces, and fine jewelry, we are able to provide one of the highest valuations in town for your valuables. Due to the high demand for luxury watches, we are constantly sourcing high-grade timepieces and jewelry for our customers. We are always interested in purchasing fine watches.

You can always depend on HJ Luxury for prompt and confidential transactions. If you have any queries on how much your precious collection is worth, please feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory valuation before you decide to sell or trade your valuables. Meeting our customers' needs is our priority and we promise to provide the highest cash offers and valuations for our customers’ used precious timepieces, gold, diamond, antique, and branded jewelry. Our Motto: "Excellence In Customer Service" & "Satisfaction In Product Valuation".           





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