A Caran d'Ache Secret Journey II Chateaubriand Fountain Pen

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Secret Journey II Chateaubriand Fountain Pen - 19th century. Limited edition of 300 fountain pens. One of those beautiful nights that God seems to create for Switzerland alone... 
Caran d’Ache reveals one of Switzerland’s most beautiful secrets, Secret Journey II, the second treasure in its trilogy of writing instruments. With the launch of the “Secret Journey II”, Caran d’Ache celebrates the time that Chateaubriand spent in Geneva. Chateaubriand was one of the most celebrated personalities of his time, with a great love of art and culture. Because he was inspired by the beauty of the shore around the city of Geneva, delicate illustrations of the lake area are finely engraved on the body of the writing instruments, finished in rose gold plate and black lacquer. They contain a secret mechanism: when activated by hand, the “Côte de Genève” decoration, widely used in fine watchmaking, reveals a hidden quotation from the author as well as a ruby, the colour of passion, symbolically placed on the city of Geneva. Each detail relates to the romantic period that was so important to Chateaubriand, the great seducer.
Caran d'Ache Secret Journey II Chateaubriand Fountain Pen
Black lacquer and rose gold-plated body
18 carat gold nib plated with rose gold
Body decorated with a brilliant pavilion-cut ruby of 0.03 carats
Rose gold-plated piston pump enhanced with a pavilion-cut ruby of 0.04 carats
Special feature: 30 fountain pens available in the trilogy version
The Secret Journey II writing instruments, a tribute to romanticism, are entirely produced in the company’s Geneva workshops.

Each of the 300 fountain pens and 150 roller pens is individually numbered on the ring that also carries the hallmark of Caran d’Ache’s master jeweler.

They illustrate Caran d’Ache’s wide-ranging expertise in the use of noble materials. The brilliant black lacquer of the body and cap makes an elegant contrast with the rose gold plate that delicately depicts the countryside around the Lake. Subtle engravings, on the surface and in depth, trace the details of the plains, rivers and famous mountain scenery.

The body of each pen contains a 0.04-carat ruby placed on the city of Geneva as well as the words spoken by Chateaubriand. Until the special mechanism is operated manually, the quotation is hidden by a famous engraved pattern from the world of luxury watch making: the Côte de Genève.

The writing block of the Caran d'Ache Secret Journey II Chateaubriand Fountain Pen is plated in rose gold and personalized with guillochage. The same decoration appears on the piston pump which is plated in rose gold and crowned by a 0.04-carat ruby. The fountain pen can also be used with an Caran d’Ache ink cartridge.

Carefully designed to match the writing instruments, the 18-carat gold nibs are finely engraved with the points of the compass. They are available in three widths: Fine, Medium and Large.

These exclusive pens are presented in a luxurious black lacquer box decorated with a drawing of the Geneva area at the time of Chateaubriand’s visit. The fountain pen is accompanied by a splendid ink bottle in raw glass with a stopper plated in pink gold and engraved with the Caran d’Ache monogram. It contains Blue Night ink, one of the Colours of the Earth Collection by Caran d’Ache, specially chosen to accompany this unique Limited Edition.


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