DB25 Imperial Fountain watches honour zodiac heads of Yuanming Yuan / DB25CWYG10

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Luxe watches brand De Bethune has released a special edition set of DB25 Imperial Fountain timepieces in collaboration with The Hour Glass, inspired by the 12 zodiac heads of Yuanming Yuan. Built in ancient China in the mid-1700s, the Imperial Fountain situated in the Palace of Calm Seas, the “Yuanming Yuan”, was a symbolic gift crafted by artisans from France, Italy and China for the Chinese emperor Qianlong. The Yuanming Yuan was a majestic work that fused art and technology, performing the function of a large hydraulic water-clock or clepsydra, where the water jets from the indices marked by one Chinese Zodiac animal would tell the time. While time has left the Yuanming Yuan in ruins with only seven of the 12 original Zodiac heads recorded, De Bethune has received inspiration from this beautiful structure in its special edition DB25 Imperial Fountain timepieces (pictured above). The DB25 Imperial Fountain watch collection comprises a set of 12 timepieces each featuring the engraved head of a Zodiac animal. The making of the DB25 Imperial Fountain watch commands expert craftsmanship from master artist Michèle Rothen, who has used a special bas-relief engraving technique to carve out the detail of each Zodiac animal head in the middle of the watch dial, against a Grand Feu enamel relief of the corresponding Zodiac symbol in the background. Box & Cert. Retail Price $168800.


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